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THE TREE CARE SPECIALISTS is your number one provider in tree pruning services in the greater Madison area. Our certified arborists offer years of experience in providing exceptional customer service and industry knowledge. We carefully plan each pruning service with safety and efficiency in mind.  THE TREE CARE SPECIALISTS can provide you with plant maintenance as well as major tree removals.

We provide tree maintenance year round to ensure your trees are happy and healthy no matter the season.  The Tree Care Specialists provide a full range of tree and plant care services throughout the greater Madison and Sauk City areas.  The Tree Care Specialists are known for outstanding client service and professional quality tree care.   Concentrating on client service and specializing in just tree care, we separate ourselves from other Wisconsin tree service companies.  We go above tree maintenance industry standards.  Contact us and we’ll provide a free tree consultation.



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Protect Your Trees: Emerald Ash Borer in Wisconsin

At least 30+ Wisconsin counties now harbor Emerald Ash Borer, the exotic insect that has decimated urban trees and forests in the eastern half of the nation. Although we continue to detect EAB in new locations around the state, humans can help keep it from leapfrogging to whole new areas.  Please give us a call so we can help you protect your trees from EAB.

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