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Plant Health Care

The Tree Care Specialists offer an array of different applications to improve the health of your trees and shrubs.  Through careful timing we have the ability to control unwanted and potentially chronic infestation of pests and diseases.  The applications we provide include:


• Emerald Ash Borer, Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease trunk injections

• Fertilization

• Root Stimulants for Soil Amendments

• Fungicide treatments

• Pesticide Treatments

• Chlorosis treatments for Iron and manganese deficiencies

• Problem & Healthy tree consultations

These services are often times vital in maintaining the care of your trees and shrubs.  Though not all trees can be saved, in many cases we have the knowledge and tools to help nurse a client’s trees back from poor health and condition.

Girdling Roots

Drought Stress

Quince Rust


Trunk Wrap



Rodent Damage


Needle Blight

Many times people neglect their trees health when thinking about their landscape.  It is extremely important to think about how trees in an urban environment are more prone to attack from disease and insects.  One of the leading causes for these attacks is lack of available nutrients needed to maintain the health and vigor of a tree.  When trees are put in an urban or landscaped setting they lack necessary nutrients and sometimes healthy diversity to over come these problems on their own.  Examples of such settings include a lawn area, construction site, old pasture, new development, poor tree site selection, and even general home owner use can deplete the soils of beneficial nutrients.


Diseases and Insects can be devastating to your trees and landscapes as in the case of Emerald Ash Borer, Dutch Elms Disease, and Oak Wilt.  We currently have highly successful treatment options put in place to help protect you Elms, Ash, and Oaks from falling victim to these devastating pests and diseases.  The Tree Care Specialists continue to stay up to date with the most effective and successful treatments available on the market aimed at protecting your trees.  Currently for these 3 treatments we do trunk injections to insure a successful distribution of treatment necessary for protecting your trees.

Not all insects are bad, but some can be devastation to trees.  We offer a number of targeted applications that focus on the timing and life cycles of insects that are attacking your trees.  When the problem deems necessary it is our goal to work with clients in coming up with a solution to help protect their trees from insect infestation.   The types of applications we provide depending on the insect we are targeting; trunk, foliar, and soil applications.

Fertilization & Root Stimulants for Soil Amendments

Treating for EAB, DED, and Oak Wilt

Pesticide Treatments

Common Pests and Diseases

Not all fungus are bad, but some types of fungus can be devastating to trees.  We offer a number of targeted applications that focus on the harmful fungus that can stress your tree. When possible The Tree Care Specialists look to control the infestation of harmful fungus in order to give a tree the chance to regain its health. When looking to target a fungal outbreaks it is important to hire trained professionals like us who understand their life cycles and can target that specific fungus at the most vulnerable stages   Depending on the type of fungus we can treat trees with a foliar, trunk, or soil application.


Fungicide Treatments

Abiotic Stress

Dutch Elms


Apple Scab

Oak Wilt


Zimmerman Pine Moth

Bronze Birch Borer

Two-Lined Chestnut Borer

Scale Insects

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